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iPhone, Nexus and Droid, Oh My!

Before you ask, the answer is, “No, I do not now, nor have I ever owned a smart phone.”  Hard to believe, especially if you know me well.  Most of my Facebook friends and Twitter contacts are stunned when they learn I don’t own one.  I often hear things like, “I guess I just always assumed you did.”

I’ve had trouble in the past justifying the added data plan expense, and up until recently Verizon – my carrier – just hasn’t had anything compelling to offer.  That changed with the Droid.

My wife and I have been with Verizon for two years now.  We have no intention of switching especially when they’re offering $100 dollars toward a new phone (new every two).  More than once I’ve come this close to pulling the trigger on the Droid (which, for a limited time, includes a free HTC Eris for my wife).  Something though keeps holding me back.

First, there are the constant iPhone rumors.  Will the iPhone come to Verizon or won’t it?  I was extremely disappointed when there was no announcement from Verizon to that end last Wednesday (as was heavily rumored).  Google’s Nexus One (announced at this year’s CES) was another reason to wait (at least it seemed that way at first).  It doesn’t come to Verizon though until Spring.  And, by the way, what does that mean?  Could you be any more vague?  Spring?  Give me a break!

So, what to do?  I’m still not sure, but I know one thing: as you are a person who reads this blog – and likely a smart phone user – you have much wisdom and experience to share.  Am I right?

Help me learn from your expertise (or your mistakes, as the case may be).  Before you comment, keep in mind I have no intention of leaving Verizon as a carrier.  Now, if you will, comment away.


10 Responses

  1. Hi there, why don’t you just purcased the device Ifself ( iphone or google nexus one )
    and still using on the same carrier. The GN1 device is sim card unlocked.

  2. Jeff,
    You can’t go wrong with the Droid. I’ve had one for almost 2 months, and while I’ve never been a fan of smart phone’s previously (they all missed some key feature, or just flat didn’t work like I wanted them to) I cannot find any major complaints about the Droid. My wife and my best friend, who were both die hard Blackberry users (I have a whole rant on why Blackberry is evil, but this isn’t the place for it) have both switched over to the Droid after endless problems with the Storm and Storm 2. So why Droid?

    Consider the iPad if you want to know where your Verizon iPhone is. The iPad 3G hardware will NOT work with Verizon because it uses a GSM card like the iPhone. If Apple was going to make the iPhone available on Verizon, wouldn’t you think they’d untether the iPad too? Not going to happen. In fact, the iPad’s 3G hardware won’t even work with T-Mobile. Yep. Stuck with AT&T, who I also have a “why they’re evil” rant for, but again, this isn’t the place.

    So..what about the Nexus? Yes, HTC built it, so it’s probably pretty good. The problem is, with it’s unlocked status, and Google’s lack of preparation to deal with customer support for the phone, good luck if you have a problem, whether it’s figuring out how to use it, or it just flat not working. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time in my life for the above scenario.

    The Droid? I’ve compared it to my Macs. When people ask why I like Mac instead of PC I tell them: A) because I can do things on a Mac you can’t do on a PC (true) and B) Macs just work. That’s not always the case with a PC. Like a Mac, the Droid just works. If you absolutely positively have to have a smart phone, get a Droid.

  3. Very informative and thorough Drew. Thanks for that. I too am a little worried about support with the Nexus One so your point is well taken.

    Having said that, I’ve heard at least one prominent tech person (Leo Laporte) who loves the iPhone say that the Nexus One blows the iPhone away.

    But , I must admit, the people I’ve talked to who own a Droid have expressed unanimous satisfaction with it.

  4. I, too, had my heart set on the iPhone coming to Verizon. My biggest reason is that I’m tired of having more than one device with me. I want one that does it all (seamlessly) – music, phone, play, movies.

    I have been a die-hard Blackberry fan for a few years now, but have never been able to bring myself to go with the Storm. It just doesn’t quite measure up.

    I’ve also contemplated the Droid, but it’s ugly. I know that should be last on the list, but I want sexy in my device.

    That being said, my brother-in-law recently got the HTC Hero (Sprint) and LOVES the Android OS. I got to play with it over Christmas, and it is impressive. He had some crashing issues trying to run several apps at once, but the Droid is supposed to have a better processor.

    All that being said, as I’ve looked over the horizon and considered a new smart phone myself (albeit not my first), I don’t think Verizon has anything that compares with the Droid. Black brick, or not, I see consistent praise. When it’s time for me to upgrade, I will most likely go Droid.

    The final word from me – you will LOVE having a smart phone, but be prepared for a serious time suck. They don’t call them “CrackBerry” for nothing. The same can be said of any smart phone.

  5. This is great Scott. Thanks so much for the honest and insightful review!

  6. I have a Droid and I love it. I had a Blackberry Storm and it was ok, but I went through two in as many months. They have very little application memory, OS problems, if you want to reboot them you’ve got to completely remove the battery, not many free apps… It ended up being more of a hassle than a convenience.

    I know a few people who have iPhones and they all seem to like them. I don’t think they have any problems with them. But… it remains to be seen if Verizon will ever get the iPhone or not. It could be years.

    I got rid of my Blackberry in favor of a Droid and it’s beautiful! It’s fast, has tons of apps, it doesn’t crash or lock up. It’s like having a fast itty bitty computer you can carry around in your pocket and talk on, too! If you don’t like touch-screen keyboards it’s got a “real” keyboard built in. You can also use the touchscreen keyboard on it, though. iPhones only have the touch screen keyboard. I think you can find most of the apps that are available for iPhones for the Droid now. Even if Verizon does get the iPhone I won’t get one. I like my Droid too much.

    Hope my ramblings help a little!

  7. Scott,

    I got a pretty purple case to go on mine. Makes it look much nicer!

  8. Haven’t tried Droid, though it sounds like there are a lot of fans here. I have to mention the Palm Pre. We have had ours since launch date, and we really like them. I don’t know much about the Plus version that Verizon carries, but I imagine it’s just as good as my Pre (perhaps better?). Anyway, just wanted to cast my vote.

  9. Thanks Sarah. Your comments echo that of several others I’ve talked to.

    I almost forgot about the Palm Pre Plus Matt. I was initially intrigued by the Pre when it first hit Sprint, but haven’t looked at it seriously since. I’ll certainly give it a second look.

  10. I have an Android with Verizon, and it is not all that. Apps are terrible, to many force closes, very slow. It is just not the same as an iPhone. The iPhone is still 5 years ahead of every one else. Verizon service is getting slower and slower and customer service sucks. We need a carrier that will step up and provide the service. The iPhone is the best hands down.

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