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Oh Ye Consumer of Little Faith

Have you heard the news?  You want, no, you desire something you don’t even know exists.  As soon as you realize it exists, you’ll no doubt find it all but impossible to control the impulsive urge to go out an buy one right away. 

Best Buy thinks so.  And so does much of the radio industry.  How could these two behemoths possibly be wrong?  From All Access:

Portable HD Radio Comes To Best Buy
Insignia Radio

Portability come to HD, as BEST BUY has launched the INSIGNIA HD RADIO PORTABLE PLAYER. As the first-ever portable HD RADIO player, the INSIGNIA HD RADIO Portable Player will make it possible for listeners to take the HD RADIO experience on the go.

“The sound quality and LCD screen features of the INSIGNIA HD RADIO portable are phenomenal,” said INSIGNIA PORTABLE HD RADIO Product Manager MIKE DAHNERT.

“We applaud BEST BUY for setting a precedent in the audio entertainment marketplace by offering the first-ever portable HD RADIO receiver,” said iBIQUITY Pres./CEO BOB STRUBLE. “With new HD2/HD3 digital channels, crystal-clear sound, no subscription fees, and now, thanks to BEST BUY, the ability to take digital radio on the go, it’s a total win for the consumer and one more indication that the HD RADIO momentum is continuing.”

No word yet on whether they’ll be stocking them in the dieing, after-market car audio/satellite radio section, or at a brand new HD radio kiosk near you!

Oh ye consumer of little faith, do you even know what programming is available to you right now in your town via an HD radio you have to buy in order to receive said programming in the first place?

I didn’t think so.